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Youth in this US state receive financial aid

Youth in this US state receive financial aid

Ventura and San Francisco counties belong to the US state of California. Some of the residents of these locations will benefit from two projects that are for-profit rather than subsidized. These schemes have a common characteristic of distributing money every month to children who have stopped living in orphanages. The aim of these government schemes is to encourage children to continue studying and achieve their professional dreams.

Both programs belong to the Foster Youth Success Program, which was created in 2007. Since that moment, the authorities have contributed to many children in difficult situations.

How much is the scholarship?

Ventura County’s budget is over $1.5 million. Beneficiaries will receive $1,000.00 USD every month for one year and six months.

San Francisco’s funds are estimated at nearly $3 and a half million dollars. Eligible residents will earn $1,200.00 USD during the same Ventura phase.

These government aids make it possible for the youth to achieve independence and develop themselves to contribute to the society. Another reason for making these payments is that selectees have the same preferences as other citizens.

Officials said the children who had the right to access the funds were selected. It was also explained that California will continue to design pilot programs similar to those in Ventura and San Francisco.

Organizers of these initiatives ensure that people can achieve their goals through financial assistance. Moreover, these programs have been proven to have positive results over time.

There is evidence of people living in difficult circumstances who were able to study, work and create families with stable economic capabilities. Those in charge of governing California want its citizens to prosper, especially those most in need.

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