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Va a renovar su licencia de conducir y descubre que es buscada y acusada de delitos graves por no devolver un VHS alquilado hace más de 20 años

You will renew your driver’s license and discover that you are wanted and accused of serious crimes for not returning a VHS rented over 20 years ago


April 25, 2021 05:17 GMT

Upon learning of the case, the defendant was surprised and thought it was a joke, while claiming that she had not remembered having borrowed “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” or having seen the series at all.

An American discovered she was wanted for her failure to return a VHS tape rented from Norman City, Oklahoma, to a video store in 1999, they reported. Local media.

Caron McBride, now a resident of Texas, was trying to change the last name on his driver’s license and ran into trouble over a felony indictment in his old state. After contacting the Cleveland County Attorney’s office, they informed her that she is wanted for misappropriation of rental property.

While investigating the case, Caro found, according to online documents, that she was accused of never returning to Movie Place – which no longer exists – a cassette tape of ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’. In Latin America and ‘Sabrina, Things’ about Witches in Spain). She was surprised and thought it was a joke, at the same time that she said she doesn’t remember having borrowed the tape or seen that series before.

As the woman explained, the man she lived with in 1999 may have rented a VHS. In this regard, one attorney explained that although “there was no technically a victim in the case due to the closure of the company,” Cleveland could still sue McBride because the charges had been brought and there was a court order. However, this Wednesday, the county reviewed the allegation and decided to dismiss it and drop the charge.

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