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Michelle Salas posts an unpublished photo with Frida Sophia

Michelle Salas posts an unpublished photo with Frida Sophia

A few weeks ago in an exclusive interview for ‘De Primera Mano’ Frida Sophia He opened his heart to journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante by revealing information about his personal life.

Among her statements, Pablo Moctezuma’s daughter spoke of the terrible relationship she has with her niece. Michelle Salas, Who burst against him, and even written off hypocrite.

Although it is no secret that the two young women do not agree at all, Frida assured that the main reason behind the rivalry between them is that the daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas, “black”.

“Because of the gloom, because not suddenly; the comparisons have claimed their whole lives, that Michelle is a woman, that Frida is the bad apple, the Las Piñal disagreement, and I am, ‘Oh, no what … Dude!’” He said in his interview with the journalist.

Plus, in a fun dynamic that Salas set up on Instagram, her fans asked her to share a picture with Frida Sofía, and she immediately agreed.

The young influencer went to the stump of memories and shook a picture of her and Frida when they were two young girls, an act that caused a stir on social media, as she hinted that they had grown up together and that there was no resentment in them. Heart despite Frida’s strong statements.

Family rivalry

It is worth noting that in the aforementioned interview that Frida Sophia had with Gustavo, she explained that she is not interested in fixing things with Michel.

He concluded his speech by saying, “No, not anymore, it is severe … No (I saw her again) and the truth is not (I am interested).”

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