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You have your well-being in your hands

You have your well-being in your hands

– If I told you, naughty reader, that you read me every week, that something as simple as a hand gesture can bring you health and well-being, you may have already tried it yourself and know what I am talking about, or maybe, on the contrary, you need some arguments or Scientific basis to accompany my statement.

– Today I will tell you how much MUDRAS helped me, and this is true, since they are gestures and postures that we adopt with our hands that convey non-verbal language, sometimes these gestures are to communicate in intimate contact with ourselves and sometimes to communicate through their expression and sharing with others.

There is an inevitable personal and gestural experience in the language of yoga, that comes to us and reaches us and others through the hands.

By creating the specific Mudra gesture associated with mental intention using the hands, it is possible to connect with emotional energy.

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– Our brain knows at all times what our body is like, and our brain has been represented in the somatosensory cortex, meaning deep sense, and this is what is known as the sense that connects our muscles and the position of the body to the brain, and this feeling is necessary for development and expression of creativity.

The brain constantly knows what signal we transmit through facial expressions, especially the mouth area and also, and it is strange that our brain pays great attention to hand gestures. Recent studies have shown that increased proprioception in relation to hand gestures through mudra increases our pineal gland and increases and triggers the production of serotonin known as the happiness hormone. It is also able to increase memory and attention, and reduce the dreaded “rumination”, because it is known that depending on which modifications some cognitive processes are activated or increased.

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Through mudras, and with their gestures, we consciously establish a positive mental and physical relationship between our physical action, our spiritual intent and our mental attitude.

There are various gestures that can be performed by hand thus directing your work towards the goal you want to achieve.

Hand Yoga or Yoga Mudra is closely related to the activation of our emotional energy and this is its center in the Anahata Chakra, heart. From the heart and through our hands we create and express communication on a subtle level with gratitude, appreciation, renewal, growth, peace, joy, harmony, compassion, connection, knowledge and many other emotions and sensations.

– We also use mudras to aid in the processes of energizing and amplifying our inner energy, defining the shapes our hands adopt in a completely different way, depending on whether one or the other energy will be activated. This is how we do it if we want to activate SHAKTI and KUNDALINI energies.

– Mudras help us through their perception to easily, in a physical and physical way, approach what we think and feel, that is, they connect our physical energy with our mental energy at the cerebral level, and for this reason, they lock themselves in tremendous potential for health and wellness.

– In keeping with what I’m telling you here, I would also like to believe that our hands, being close to their physical condition, attached to our arm to our chest and our chest, which includes our heart, bring us closer to our gestures towards us and make them come true.

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– I’m going to leave you here a little hint of a beautiful mudra and I’d love to call her, so that she uses and practices it, every time you feel insecure, uncertain, or hung up, it’s about Padma Mudra, or mudra from the lotus flower, he works to bring just chill For each of our bodies and our minds, this is done by joining the palms of the hands for a moment, to immediately separate the phalanges from the central fingers, thus leaving the hands connected only through the little fingers and thumb, and forming with our hands a lotus flower that represents continuous change through renewal and development.

I leave you skeptical for today, not without first drawing your attention to this simplicity, and at the same time thinking deeply about what I have told you here, remember: Well-being is at your fingertips.