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Sent on 05/25/2021 • Flag Lottery • SIDE B

Sent on 05/25/2021 • Flag Lottery • SIDE B

If the government is seeking to finance something, it calls out invitations for tenders; It is the ideal choice but we also know that it is a lottery most of the time, as in infrastructure projects for example, the selected projects will be available in advance. This has always been the case, and sometimes it isn’t enough to satisfy the requirements in a great way but, additionally, a slight boost or a dose of luck. Of course, the only ones who come out happy with these processes are the winners. The big question is knowing exactly who these winners are.

The results of the scientific and cultural publishing projects have been published, which in the legal bureaucratic language are “a network of spaces for universal access to scientific, technological and human knowledge through art.”. About 50 million pesos will be distributed to 36 selected projects, and each project, according to his proposal, will take between 200,000 and 1.5 million pesos. The purpose of supporting these initiatives, again in legal bureaucratic language, is to “promote a revolution of consciences with scholarly support, local and / or regional relevance in a comprehensive, engaging and appropriate manner for children, youth and underrepresented groups” and in view of the official provisions regarding the new normal ”(I believe the sentence The latter many).

I would like to know how the “Revolution of Conscience” will be funded with scientific support.However, it appears that this part will not be fully transparent until the results are known, because some projects only have the name, without mentioning the parties involved. Among the winners that could be identified are veteran institutes such as the Institute of Geology at UNAM, which seeks to rehabilitate the so-called Geopedregal Hiking Museum, or the IPN’s Tezozomoc Science Museum. There are also well-known sites, such as the Kaná Museum of Science and Technology, in Xalapa, or not as well-known, such as the Tanefit Social Re-adaptation Center, in Oaxaca. These are the ones who will list your name in the project title.

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