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Yolanda Andrade talks about Thalia and Tommy Mottola’s supposed divorce

Yolanda Andrade talks about Thalia and Tommy Mottola’s supposed divorce

Thalia and Tommy Mottola have been in the midst of infidelity and separation rumors in recent weeks, information that neither of them has confirmed. Although Lili Estefan denied that her great friend had broken up a few days ago, it was Yolanda Andrade who has now stopped the speculation.

Thalia and Tommy Mottola will not divorce

On March 2, “Gossip No Like” reported that the singer and music mogul would be parting ways. On this subject Yolanda Andrade, one of the best friends of the translator of “Amor a la mexicana”, was questioned.

Andrade responded to questions about whether the singer had broken up with an audio recording directed at journalist Jorge Carvajal on his YouTube show “En shock”.

of course not. Yeah, I talk to her, well, I talk almost every day and no, There are no symptoms of any kind of divorceNot at all, said the announcer. “No, there is no divorce. Be more creative, there is no divorce.”

He even indicated that these rumors started shortly after the singer’s wedding.

“I think that He has sung divorce quite well since he got married And there is no divorce. What a pity for whoever invented this gossip because the truth is that it’s old gossip, since they got married they’ve been saying the same thing.”

Tommy Mottola was unfaithful to Thalia with Leslie Shaw

At the beginning of February, rumors began circulating that Thalia and Tommy Mottola had broken up alleged infidelity Musical singer with singer Leslie Shaw.

The Peruvian collaborated with Thalia on the song “I’m Single”, which also features Fariña. As a result of the project, it was speculated that Mottola was having an affair with Leslie, which she herself was responsible for denying.

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I was so amused, I did not expect. I have a song with Thalia, So speak what you want“As long as they listen to my music,” he said on February 7 on “At Home with Telemundo.”

Shaw even noted that he “didn’t know Tommy Mottola”: “I was in New York, I only met Thalia on the day of the recording.”

Lili Estefan denies separating from Thalia and Tommy Mottola

La Flaca, another inseparable friend of Thalia, denied rumors of the famous couple’s breakup, as she indicated that she had been in contact with both of them.
“Today I spoke with both of them, they are happy, they are happy, everything is fine, everything is great,” he said on February 7 in El Gordo and La Flaca.

“I can’t imagine Thalia ever going out to deny any of these four gossips,” Estefan said of the speculation of a lawsuit between Thalia and Shakira with the Aguilar family and the alleged theft of clothes from a jewelry store in Los Angeles. .

Tommy Mottola and Thalia appear amid rumors of their split.

credit: Tommy Mottola / Instagram


The friendship between Thalia and Lily Estefan has been revealed on more than one occasion.

Thalia/Instagram and Getty Images


Although the Mexican resides in New York, La Flaca usually documents the meetings she has with her when the actress travels to Miami.

credit: Thalia/Instagram and Getty Images

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Lily Estefan went to dinner with Thalia and posted some pictures of the flashy meeting.

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram


Nor did the singer come alone: ​​her son Matthew (11 years old) was with her.

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram


Although Thalia appears with her children on social networks, it is not uncommon for her to share photos with them.

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La Flaca was able to capture how much her friend’s offspring was growing and also tried to take some “selfies” with her, although she admitted the difficulties she faced in achieving this.

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram


The Univision host wrote, “Behind every selfie of a woman, there are 45 more that have not been approved!”

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram


Indeed, he realized the fear of Thalia’s reaction: “Don’t throw the phone at me,” he added humorously.

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram

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“I’d love to give you kisses, life’s little sister! I love you,” replied María la del Barrio’s heroine, who you can see for free here on ViX.

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram


In the pictures, Thalia’s son looks very happy next to his mother and her best friend.

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram

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After several seconds in which Thalia did not give up, he managed to defeat her.

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram


Meanwhile, Lily watched Estefan and documented the “fight” between mother and son.

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram


In mid-December, the artist admitted that her children do not like fame.

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram

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He explained that it is a “burden” for them: “They didn’t choose to be in front of the cameras or they didn’t choose that we suddenly come out and there are paparazzi or others taking pictures of them. That.”

credit: Lily Estefan/Instagram


Thalia is also the mother of Sabrina Sakai (15). She had both with her husband, Tommy Mottola.