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Gerard Pique’s friend hints that Shakira was also unfaithful

Gerard Pique’s friend hints that Shakira was also unfaithful

  • So far, Gerard Pique has kept silent about his split from Shakira.
  • The journalist and the athlete’s friend confirmed that things would have gone against what they were told.

While the retired soccer player, Gerard Pique has been silent about the reasons for ending his relationship with the Colombian artist, ShakiraThis singer chose some of the problems that led them to separate, and although she was not frank about it, many netizens expressed their solidarity with him and accused Pique of treason.

However, a journalist and friend of the high-performance athlete has hinted that things have been going badly since then The singer was also unfaithful to Gerard PiqueAnd And even long before he started dating Clara Shea.

Interviewer Jordi Basti, In an interview with Oriol Nullis on TVE-Catalunya, He revealed that he considers it unfair to treat Pique, who has been left as the “bad guy in the movie”, His side of the story should be heard first.

Until we know all the details, we won’t have to say. Because everything in life has its nuances and some will be surprised. It may be the opposite of what was described. A soccer player friend said.

Although this is not all, because although he knows Shakira and has many funny stories with her, he will not stop being Pique’s “team”. “(Shakira) after eating, she goes to the bathroom to comb her hair because she knows very well that everyone will ask her for pictures from where she is sitting to the door.”

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