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Yes from the State Council to establish more medical colleges

Yes from the State Council to establish more medical colleges

Universities Minister Manuel Castells.

The state assembly She posted her positive opinion on The new university law What does the minister promise? Manuel Castells. Although, in the text, he expresses a series of observations and qualifies two of his essays: the first is on defining what a university position is; The second is on the terms of titles.

This law directly affects Future health professionals and medical professors. Only six out of 46 medical schools In Spain meet the requirements of the new standard, as outlined in a study conducted by the university system observatory, where Only twelve universities will meet the future criteria. Of these, six homes a self-employed medical school. The rest must Adapt your quality standards In order to continue to provide the medical degree.

This reform of the university system is remarkable Four goals: promoting access to higher education; adaptation of the organization of university education; ensuring the rational management of university institutions and promoting research, transfer and mobility of faculty and research staff; And Quality assurance and good governance for university institutions.

State Council lays down 2 nuances

of notes From the opinion of the State Council It refers to what might be called a “university”. The law says that only those institutions that have Created or identified as such Under the 2001 Act and abide by the provisions of this Royal Decree. In this sense, a “university” is an institution that offers official bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, which is developing Teaching, research, knowledge transfer and innovation activities in various fields of knowledge.

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The document states that the project “is not the appropriate normative instrument to proceed to define a university in our legal system, The task that complies with the organic legislatureAnd without delegitimizing the central concept of the university, where the fundamental right to the university’s autonomy and the distribution of competencies is preserved between the state and the autonomous communities In this matter we must remember, did not participate The entire file is processed.

Secondly, it refers to the first sentence of Article 5.1 which states that “universities shall have Minimum offer consists of university degrees Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. officers.

The State Council says that the adjective “assets” should be With regard to the system contained in the royal decree under which the organization of formal university education is established, and it can be understood that “Active” headings These are those included in the study plans that have been verified in the terms of the LOU and this Royal Decree.

“Obviously they can only have validated approaches and It later renewed already licensed universities; Therefore, mention the “active” headings in this Article 5.1 of the project Cannot be understood as “verified addresses”“, He says.

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