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They do important work for the UNER . community

They do important work for the UNER . community

Parana, Sept. 02 (APFDigital)

Work contracts were signed today, Wednesday, to improve the interface of the Faculty of Economics and the new wing of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

The event took place in the assembly hall of the first of these colleges and was chaired by Rector Andres Sabella, the Mayors of Paraná and Oro Verde, Adan Bahl and Oscar Toledo respectively, and the Deans of the College of Economics and Agricultural Sciences. , Eduardo Mwani and Pedro Barbagilata respectively, and approx., Secretary of the University Policies of the Nation, Jaime Perzic.

At the inception of the act, the Arcón Constructora SRL, which will implement a classroom suite for the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, was signed, in the amount of $45,124,090.75, with funding from the nation’s Ministry of Public Works.

Subsequently, a construction contract was signed with Albornoz Constructora to improve the facade of the Faculty of Economics, in the amount of $1,5358,580.32, manufactured from an item from the same university.

In this regard, the university president said: “This comes from the hand of a national budget that allows us to use the university’s funds in the most economically and financially convenient way.”

The Economic Finance Secretariat of our University, headed by Juan Manuel Arbelo, channels, manages and accompanies these projects, which respond to the policy of infrastructure development required by institutional growth. The two works that will apply from these two signatures are long overdue by both colleges. As defined by Sabella, they are much more appreciated “in the midst of a pandemic and in a very difficult context like the one we’ve been through”.

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In a hypothetical manner, the Secretary of University Policies gave his words. He stated that “UNER is a leader in many things, such as quality and inclusion”, but above all it has “a model that all Argentina must imitate, which is the occupation of the entire territory of the province. He concluded that all Argentines have the right to have the University nearby.”

The deans of the faculties that will benefit from these works indicated the importance they attach to their communities. Regarding the facade of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Maani indicated: “This work that we will do with the support of the university has an aesthetic aspect, but also has a double benefit in solving structural problems, given the age of the building.. Today the dream is no longer a reality.”

For his part, Barbagilata noted that “there is always a demand for larger spaces based on academic growth, teaching, research, extension activities and great outreach to the community.” Finally, he said, “We are in an active and dynamic university, with new proposals, action and integration with the community and we hope to continue that way.”

• Providing value in the cities of Entre Rios

Sabella highlighted the attendance of officials from the cities where these colleges are located, when she stated that “the mayors accompany the university’s work, attend and listen.”

Regarding work on improving the interface of economic sciences, Adán Bahl emphasized that in Paraná it is “a building that is emblematic of the city, it is an architectural heritage”. He also argued that one of the goals of his administration is related to “achieve diversification in the productive aspect of the city. That is why we are in constant contact with the universities”.

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Oscar Toledo stated, “Oro Verde has grown because of the potential that we have thanks to the faculties. We are visited by boys from all over Argentina and neighboring countries who have strengthened the city.”

Vice-Chancellor, Gabriela Andrich, Economic and Financial Secretary of our University, Juan Manuel Arbelo, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Sebastian Pérez, members of the management team of that faculty, Director of UNER House, Pablo Mitre. and approximately the National Director of University Administration, Roxana Puig, and the Deans of Promatology, Bertha Baldi, of Food Sciences, Oscar Girard, of Engineering, Diego Campana, of Social Work, Sandra Aretto, of Management Sciences, Raúl Mangia. (APFDigital)