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Yalitza Aparicio: In ‘Rocky’ style, the actress trains to maintain her stunning figure |  Video

Yalitza Aparicio: In ‘Rocky’ style, the actress trains to maintain her stunning figure | Video

dear Yalitza Aparicio She’s been a sensation ever since she made her acting debut in the director’s ‘Rome’ Alfonso korunSince then, she has become a celebrity and to a large extent by everyone who has criticized her for her appearance, which, in their opinion, “does not fit” with the stereotypes of artists.

Today’s Oaxacan woman is happier than ever, also making her debut as a presenter, becoming a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, modeling for some of the most prestigious clothing brands, and even being the cover of several famous magazines. Of course, he always expresses his pride in him Property aborigines.

Yalitza Aparicio wears an athletic body

It is no secret that the teacher takes good care of herself and to show this, it is enough to look at her social networks, where she has shown her body on more than one occasion. tight clothes who showed the result of their visits to the gym and good nutrition.

And while she’s never posted a photo of herself breaking down a sweat, the actress surprised everyone with her Instagram Stories, showing that she’s training as she did. sylvester Stallone for his films “Rocky”; That’s right my dear Yalitza Aparicio He is a boxing practitioner.

It is precisely in this space provided by the social network that he has not only made it clear that the gloves fit him well, but knows how to use them, in case another “critic” says something to him. Showing some basic moves, he can be seen hitting his coach’s gauntlet and dodging blows. According to his description, he practices this contact sport once a month.

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This was undoubtedly another indirect message to everyone who referred to it at every remaining step. From other messages he sent recently is a small video tik tok She was seen in a field of flowers and was dressed in new clothes: a white dress with green stripes and a white hat that was her costume.

In this recording, he confirmed that he sent positive feedback to all the people he didn’t empathize with: “There are people I don’t like, but I still send them positive feedback.” No doubt this was applauded by her followers who defended and supported her in everything she does.

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