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Writer San Roque Francisco Muñoz Guerrero, member of the Royal Spanish American Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters

Words Journey It is the title of the speech delivered by the author Francisco Munoz Guerreroborn in San Roquewill be presented at the Faculty of Medicine of Cadiz on Tuesday, January 31, which will mean admission to the Royal Spanish American Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

Muñoz served as the general secretary of the association Spanish Urgent Foundation And in 2011, he was appointed academician of the North American Academy of Spanish Language (ANLE). Among his works, he directed the Journal of Linguistics Where does he sayHe was one of my collaborators Garrigues style book And Geographical atlas of Spain and the world From the publishing house SM, with which he participated in a project Urgent Spanish Dictionary. He is the author of novels King’s ForestAnd Eden Hills s Sephardi Secret Doors.

Mayor of Campo Gibraltar, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boyxwho will attend the event on the 31st, highlighted “the work this country has been doing for culture for many years.” The famous Sanukino, who visits his city frequently. In addition, he participated in Summer courses Through seminars organized by the Urgent Spanish Foundation (Fundeu) and also presented Novels. Not forgetting that it was in 2011 crying From the Royal Gallery.

The Real Academia Hispano Americana de Ciencias, Artes y Letras is a Spanish cultural organization headquartered in Cultural Center of the Municipality of Reina Sofia in Cadiz. It is integrated into the Institute of Spain and the Institute of the Academies of Andalusia. As an official institution dependent on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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