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"¿Volverías a elegir la misma especialidad médica? Rotundamente no"

“Will you choose the same MIR major again?”

“Are you going back to study medicine?”. This is the question that the doctor asks through social networks to his colleagues, encouraging each of them to explain why, or if they can return, they will not change their profession but their specialty.

In fact, on that last question, there were many doctors who asserted that they “mis-chosen” them. “He would go back to study medicine, but he would change his major,” admitted one resident, acknowledging that his “second choice was urology” and that he should have “taken it.”

“I will study from the beginning plastic surgeryNot pediatrics.

“I was right with medicine but not with the specialty: the family”Another doctor wrote, acknowledging that he currently works in “occupational health and that if he had known, he would have read occupational medicine.” While another doctor confirmed that although he “loves medicine, he will never study again Psychiatry“Definitely not, I would not choose it again,” he added, and like another psychiatrist notes that “although the specialty is precious, it is very stressful and has great obstacles.

For her part, one of the surgeons said that if she could back off, “she would study from the start plastic surgery, not pediatrics as he chose. A decision also shared by another doctor who confirmed that he would “currently choose plastic surgery over gynecology.” ”

Finally, many doctors confirmed that they would return to study medicine but they all participated in it “later they will practice medicine outside Spain”. “I was going back to study medicine, but I was going to go abroad before doing MIRDoctor wrote.

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