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Will we have an Apple event in October?  All that can be provided

Will we have an Apple event in October? All that can be provided

Apple has held its events in October for many years, so will we have a new Apple keynote before the end of 2023?

Will we have another Apple event before the end of the year?

Almost every year, Apple holds an event in October about a month after the iPhone event. It’s one of four traditional events Apple typically holds each year: one in the spring, WWDC in June, an iPhone event in September, and the final one in October. Will we have an Apple event in October 2023? It’s not clear at all.

practically No one is betting on Apple’s October event The evidence provided by the company is a no-brainer either. On the latest financial results call, CFO Luca Maestri said Mac and iPad revenues are expected to decline during the quarter, which is normal during a flat quarter.

In October 2022, Apple introduced new iPad Pro models with the M2 chip and the completely renewed 10th generation iPad Without celebrating an event. In addition, over the summer, the company launched a new, redesigned MacBook Air. However, no major news is expected this year, so the event is meaningless.

Apple event with Tim Cook

It seems that in October 2023 we will not have an Apple event

What does Apple have to offer in October?

the Apple’s October events tend to focus on the iPad and Mac. It would be logical to think that Apple would update the iPad Pro and various Macs and MacBooks to the new M3 chip, but it appears that this chip will not be ready until the middle of next year. Which could have delayed all this news for a few months.

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Apple has been rumored to introduce a new iPad mini before the end of the year, but… It will be a simple update that can be provided via a press release. Something similar could happen if a new MacBook Air, Mac mini, or iMac with an M3 chip is launched. This is the same thing that happened last year, as Apple introduced the new iPad devices through a statement.

Apple did not hold any events in October last year, however Yes we had October events in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2021.. As we can see, it is very common to hold an event in October, although it is not something that happens every year. It seems that in 2023, Apple will not hold any more events, so the big news is for 2024.

this year, The September event will be the last The new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max could be the last devices offered by Apple.