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The iCloud website is updated with news from iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma

The iCloud website is updated with news from iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma

Apple has released a new update for iCloud and it’s surprising.

iCloud has been updated and offers absolutely amazing new features for all Apple users.

The arrival of Apple’s latest operating systems has brought with it many new features, for example, improvements in versatility when using iOS 17, iPadOS or the new features that we are about to discover in the long-awaited and recently released macOS Sonoma. However, there are also new surprises that become very relevant for the future of Bitten Apple, which does not want to stop at this stage of innovation and change. They made this very clear with The new update they made to the iCloud website Added a new design and some very interesting features.

Now the home page can Personalize We are given the advantage of choosing applications and their spaces. The redesign that users liked so much is in applications such as Calendar, Contacts, Reminders and Files, which is why it is possible to display multiple designs for our spaces in order to have more functionality, and to make everything look more visually impressive.

We will be able to Access these design options From the “Customize Home” button located at the bottom of the application areas. We can also mark reminders as complete and manage our Pages and Files documents.

More news in iCloud

In addition to this new allocation, we will mention The most relevant functions added in this update:

  • Customize what you see in app spaces.
  • Choose a specific folder for notes, an inbox for mail, display only your favorite photos, and more.
  • Set your home page to display multiple layouts of the same space so you can see more content from your favorite apps.
  • Perform actions from app spaces by hovering over content and choosing to reveal quick actions.
  • Receive and configure the notifications you want in the iCloud web browser.
  • Experience a new design in your favorite apps.
  • Improved features like attaching files, unsending, and managing folders in iCloud Mail.
  • Control the email address others see or use a custom email domain.
  • Change how your files are displayed as icons or as a list.
  • Press the space bar to preview after selecting a file or image
  • Using the options menu, you’ll easily be able to access actions like changing the file name or downloading a copy.
  • View your memories more easily and in full screen mode with just one click.
  • You will now be able to select “Play Slide Show” from the top right menu to preview the slide show.
  • Create links to other notes by typing >> or Command + K as a shortcut to add links as you type in your note.
  • You can have Shared Folders in Notes to collaborate with others.
  • Use improved search to get better results in categories like shared notes, checklists, tags, and more.
  • You can now customize your reminders by adding dates, locations, flags and more using the Edit Details button.

iCloud has been updated with important new features

You can find all of these new features on iCloud.com from the browser of your choice We suggest you try it mainly from a computer For a more complete experience. It could be from a Mac with macOS Sonoma update.

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Apple recently added new storage options for those users who want to take advantage of all the benefits that iCloud can offer for a monthly payment, however, there is no doubt that this new update to the service will be one of the biggest attractions for iCloud. More users are encouraged to use this space which can be used with all the capabilities that their Apple devices offer them which has a positive impact on “Distinguished Service” sales..