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Why you have to turn off the Wi-Fi on your cell phone when you leave the house

One of the ways that We can save the mobile data of our cell phone Connect to your home Wi-Fi networkAnd Since we have our free time, we can check social networks without spending the data provided by the phone plan we contracted with.

What you probably don’t know is that Tech experts recommend disconnecting your cell phone’s Wi-Fi when you leave your home for various benefits.

The first is that with this simple step, It will prevent your phone battery from draining so quickly. Also, if you have the option enabled, it may be that when you are away from home, Your cell phone automatically connects to open networks, Thus exposing your personal data and IP address to third parties, which is a risk to the security of the device.

This is why it is always recommended to only connect to trusted networks and at best to have a VPN to fully protect your data.

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