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Play classic Nintendo games on iPhone with Delta emulator

Play classic Nintendo games on iPhone with Delta emulator

If you are a fan of classic games and Want to enjoy Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, or Nintendo DS titles on your iPhoneHere we explain how to do it legally and easily using a delta simulator.

To enjoy your favorite classic games on iPhone, you can download ROMs and use a Delta emulator, thus ensuring a nostalgic and legal experience.

Download delta simulator

  • outside the European Union: You can download Delta directly from the App Store for free.
  • Within the European Union:You must download Delta via AltStoreAlternative store. An AltStore subscription costs €1 per year, but allows access to apps not available in the official app store.

Download ROM

To get ROMs for the games you want to play, follow these steps:

  1. Built-in search: Go to Google and search for “Download GBA ROMs” or “Download GBC ROMs” or “Download Nintendo DS ROMs”. Sites like F-ROMs also retroactive They offer a wide range.
  2. Select the game: On the download site, go to the most popular sections or search for the specific game you want. Click “Download ROM”.
  3. Download and decompress:
    • The ROM will likely be downloaded in a ZIP file.
    • Open Safari and at the top, tap the letters “A” to go to “Downloads” and see where the file is stored.
    • If the file is downloaded to iCloud Drive, simply unzip it.
    • The resulting file will be a file with extension .gba For the Game Boy Advance, for example.
  4. Play with Delta:
    • Open the Delta simulator.
    • Download the decompressed ROM file.
    • start playing!

Do you have problems playing Nintendo classics?

Find out here how to configure the Delta simulator So you can continue playing Nintendo titles On your iPhone. You should install the necessary firmware files that improve the compatibility and performance of the emulator.

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Important considerations

  • Legitimacy: Make sure to download ROMs only if you own an original copy of the game, as downloading ROMs without owning the rights may violate copyright laws.
  • Privacy and security: When downloading files from the Internet, especially from ROM sites, always check the site's security to avoid downloading malicious files.

By following these steps, You can enjoy your favorite games directly on your iPhoneRespect the regulations and benefit from the facilities provided by the Delta simulator. This guide provides a simple and legal way to revive gaming classics on modern hardware.