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Why is your dog happy when you come home?  It reveals a scientific study |  Answers

Why is your dog happy when you come home? It reveals a scientific study | Answers

One of the most beautiful human experiences is with people the dog, they greet you with great joy when you come home from work or study; Some won’t stop spinning around you, others try to get on two legs and reach you, while others spin on the ground. However, there is an explanation for all these actions and it is reported by the medical school in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why do dogs get excited when they see their owners?

According to studies conducted by Gregory Burns, a neurologist and professor at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, USA, magnetic resonance imaging was able to analyze the different reactions dogs show when looking at different people.

Their research on pets is voluntary, as it is sometimes necessary to temporarily anesthetize them. In the first experiment, brain images of a dog were viewed while it was awake and active, resulting in dogs distinguishing humans from another member of their species. In addition, there is a part of the brain that is geared toward the affection the animal develops in relation to its family relationships.

By using different olfactory stimuli associated with their owners, they were able to detect patterns of reactions in different dogs that were similar to the patterns observed when a pet receives a reward. Thus, Berns discovered that dogs recognize us as part of their family.

Finally, dogs have different ways of giving love, but they can also distinguish humans from other animal species; If it is its owner, the pet’s brain acts like a reward stimulus.

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What are the most lovable dog breeds?

  • Brichon Frisé: This breed has a happy nature, they are always happy and show interest and willingness to play; Mostly when they are puppies or teenagers.
  • Boxer: They are very energetic dogs, so they need a lot of exercise, but they are great for large families and sportsmen.
  • English Bulldog: He is a very chubby dog ​​who is very friendly and playful with children; It is often considered a “nanny dog” for its excellent relationship with children.
  • Golden Retriever: It is a very friendly and tolerant dog, it is even considered a “therapy dog” and is used to track or detect contraband due to its ease of training.
  • Labrador Retriever: It is a dog known for affection and affection, it has a very kind and loyal heart. His intelligence and warmth make him adorable.