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¿Por qué los norteamericanos recomiendan no venir al país?

Why do Americans suggest not coming to the country?

The day before yesterday at 1:02 pm, the US State Department issued a warning to its citizens not to travel to the Dominican Republic because, according to its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “the highest level of Govt-19 in a country. ”.

I read the news over and over again and decided to find out why the “Americans” confirm that there is so much covid in the country, they advise their citizens not to travel to avoid the risk of getting sick, and I think it’s worth noting here how the virus copes and how the infection continues.

The message was direct
Although the news distributed by the US Embassy spread among the executives of the national newspapers, no newspaper echoed this information, so I share the essence of this news:

“Dominican Republic – Level 4: No Travel

“Do not travel to the Dominican Republic because of Govt-19.

Please read the Foreign Office page on Govt-19 before planning any international trip.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released the Level 4 Travel Health Advice for the Dominican Republic due to Govit-19, which marks the highest Govt-19 in the country.

“For more information on Govt-19 in the Dominican Republic, visit the Embassy’s Govt-19 page.” End of message.

To warn its citizens not to travel to the Dominican Republic, the United States should have good information not available to ordinary people, as it is “the highest Govt-19 in the country”.

Since I did not have that information, I reviewed the bulletins of the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health last week with data on the behavior of the virus from Wednesday 14th to Wednesday 21st of this month. Interested in them.

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Some Govt evidence
From 392 bulletins published on Thursday 15th to 399 published yesterday, only 21,782 diagnostic tests were performed in seven days, equivalent to 3,111 daily trials in a Dominican population of more than 10 million.

But in that small number of trials, 3,296 positive cases were detected in a week, which equates to 470 daily cases, which puts the period average of 15.10 per 100 samples analyzed.

It has the highest circulating levels of the virus and is highly susceptible to infection.

During those seven days, 36 patients admitted to the hospital for Covid-19 died, giving an average of 5.1 deaths per day, while the use of ICU beds and ventilators increased by several percentage points.

With this amount of positive and this low number of samples being processed, the authorities have lifted the curfew order, there is relaxation in the preventive measures that people are enjoying to enjoy today and it affects me tomorrow and slanders and shootings at parties are frequently reported in the press.

At this rate, the “Americans” are well aware that Govt is advancing here and not enough to control what the authorities are doing.

What are the authorities doing against Kovit?
Basically two things: attendance at critical patients in hospitals and the administration and use of vaccines, which are at the experimental level here and around the world because they are new and no one yet knows what their positive effects are to protect against viral or negative for the health of the people.

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When the government reported two weeks ago that it would reduce the official coverage of PCR tests to confirm Govt diagnoses and instead do so with antigens, it betrayed its intention to reduce its commitment to fight the virus, allowing moderation in the process and revealing approximate actual numbers of victims The country is “practically healthy” and ready to normalize all its activities.

Experts have made it clear that PCR is the only confirmatory laboratory test for the virus that causes Covit-19 and that others provide indications of the virus’s presence, present or past presence, but the diagnostic value is not conclusive. .

There is no doubt that there is a social cycle of corona virus in the country and there is not even a single municipality without positive cases, which is very isolated from the main activity of the epidemics.

More active points
Those individuals were the National District where 76,921 cases of Govt-19 were diagnosed and 531 patients died; The province of Santo Domingo on the perimeter of the National District with 53,282 positive cases and 665 deaths; Santiago, with 28,592 registered patients and 561 deaths, was affected by 9,491 deaths and 71 deaths in the province of La Altacrecia.

Fight fairly
You can not be fooled into defeating Covit-19, it has already been said that it must be fought properly, otherwise it will constantly sink its head, plans to try to deceive you to take it out again with a vicious and deadly wave to get it out again.

There are countries with enormous resources of all kinds, such as the United States, Brazil, Europe, India … they have relaxed measures due to pressure from social or economic groups, and when they were so excited about the new “normal” they were surprised by the tsunami of cases caused by new variants of the virus.

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To control the virus, it is necessary to know exactly where the infection came from, to what extent, and then to isolate and dominate Wuhan as it did in December 2019 and January 2020 to attack all pathogenic and preventive resources.

China today allowed 18% growth in its production in the first quarter of this year.

To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out massive free and easily accessible trials to the population, not to control or complicate them, because the health effects of the virus, both individual and family, are social and national, and affect the entire community.

Healing and vaccination are important where the government is doing better, but it is unclear when there will be neighborhoods or Dominican cities without Govt-19 if it reduces trials and ignores the level of epidemics in the country.