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Bird encounters alligator and is saved from being eaten in Florida

Bird encounters alligator and is saved from being eaten in Florida

Tampa, Florida. A bird that saved itself from being eaten by an alligator in Florida lived to fly another day. Everything was captured on video.

Laura AkinHe wanted to photograph some ducks and cranes in the ponds behind his house. SarasotaFriday, March 10 at 11:00 am.

He sat down on the grass, but was surprised: there was a movement in the water A crocodile came out.

My heart was definitely racing a little because I didn’t know what to expect in this type of matchup.”Laura said Univision Tampa Bay.

Also, Laura said she was about 40 feet away and knew the alligator might be coming toward her, so she was nervous knowing how fast these animals can move.

However, there was only eye contact between the reptile and the crane, making it boldly clear that it was not afraid.

The bird made a loud noise and spread its wings and threatened the crocodile

The bird began to make a loud noise as it spread its wings, showing the crocodile its size.

After about a minute, the reptile returned to the water and Laura stopped recording the video.

“It was amazing to see everything”Laura promised.

But it didn’t end there. Laura said the crane on land and crocodiles in the water continued to clash. Moving “along” through the pond About 30 minutes.

The crane was saved from being reptile food, (at least until that moment).

Laura thinks the alligator was about 8 feet long.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there are approx 1.3 million crocodiles in the state, They can support them in all the wilderness areas where they live in 67 districts.

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What is a crane?

It is a member of the hummingbird family, with very long legs, neck, and beaks capable of excellent flight, making long migrations between breeding and wintering areas each year.

Alligator Encountered in Sarasota, Crane on Sand Dune, Their nesting range has expanded greatly in the northern Midwest in recent decades. with populations migrating southeast to Florida for the winter.

Most populations are currently stable or increasing, but remain vulnerable to habitat loss. Habitat degradation at the most important stopovers for migratory birds can have a serious impact on the species. Species found in Mississippi and Cuba are endangered.

More on alligators in Florida:

They record an alligator bending some metal bars to get through a fence in Florida

St. Cloud Police Department.


Burroughs, a St. Cloud police school resource officer, caught the animal before it had contact with any student or person.

debt: St. Cloud Police Department.

St. Cloud Police Department.


“Gary the Gator,” as police call the alligator, is medium-sized.

debt: St. Cloud Police Department.

St. Cloud Police Department.


The St. Cloud Police Department posted photos of the alligator on its social media and joked that he was being held before being released on bail on the condition that he not return to the school.

debt: St. Cloud Police Department.

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For its part, the alligator is much larger than the alligator and is mostly found in the south of the state of Florida and is light green, brown or light gray in color. Its nose is triangular in “V” shape and only 5 lower teeth can be seen when its mouth is closed. Alligators can grow up to 17 feet and weigh between 800 and 1,000 pounds.

debt: Good pictures.