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He was working in the attic of a house and saw something terrible

A home inspector made a dramatic discovery while working on a home in North Carolina. On checking the room, he was a A two meter long crocodile. At first, he thought it was a stuffed animal or a toy, and after a few minutes noticed that the reptile was not only real. But he was alive.

The story was shared through official New Hanover County networks. “Have you ever seen an alligator in an attic? One of our officers, while inspecting a construction site for a new house, found eight feet (2.4 meters).They wrote in a Tweet Last March 9. With the post of a Photograph Model head. “Thank you to our employees who work so hard to ensure buildings and homes are safe for our residents, And no alligators!“, the district officials concluded.

New Hanover County officials shared the alligator’s story on their social media.Twitter/@NewHanoverCo

The finder of the animal was identified as Dean Brown. talking Fox 35He explained that he noticed while doing his work Having “a big figure” near the air conditioner He went to find out what it was. That’s when it became known A crocodile nearly eight feet long.

Remembering that the reptile appeared to be sleeping, Brown approached and shone his flashlight on it. This caused the animal to open its eyes wide. The worker hurried off to tell his colleagues what he had found. Although the alligator did not injure him, the encounter shocked him. “I was two feet away from stomping on his head. I thank God for saving me,” he said.

The crocodile that the man found on the floor was more than two meters longUnsplash

His companions They thought it was a joke. “They laughed at me! They thought I was crazy,” the man recalled. However, once they saw the sample for themselves, they called the authorities. Minutes later. Animal control officers come and capture the reptiles.

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Brown took this as a lesson: “(It’s) a lesson in closing doors Do not feed wild animals”. Since 1995 he has researched and He had never encountered such a strange situation.

Officials did not explain how such reptiles ended up in the attic of a private house. Brown thinks so Someone opened a door, there are some wetlands behind the house, which may have allowed him to enter. However, the correct answer is a mystery.

In Several alligator sightings have been reported in North Carolina In recent weeks, particularly in Brunswick County, it was discovered near a supermarket. about, Bradley JordanThe state’s Wildlife Resources Commission assures that these sightings are more frequent during warmer months like now.