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Why did Univisión remove the artist Raúl de Molina from its screens?

Why did Univisión remove the artist Raúl de Molina from its screens?

And in recent days, the absence of Cuban Raul de Molina In a program “The fat and the skinny” Which has been leading for 25 years on screens Univisionsparking the curiosity of viewers wondering what happened to the animator and, more importantly, when he will return to the position he temporarily replaced. Adrian Uribe.

After returning from his vacation Aspen, Colorado, Lily Stephen He has led the show without his partner for many years, although there are other important television personalities, who will be preparing to take over the position of “El Gordo,” as they say on social networks.

What happened to Raul de Molina?

Everyone might think that after the quarrel that occurred between the Cuban artist and the program's producer a few weeks ago, the Cuban star would have had internal problems at the television station. However, none of these speculations are true, because the truth is that the lovable fat man is enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

De Molina asked for a “break” to travel to Spainthe country he was in at the end of last year holds everything behind the scenes Grammy Awards in SevilleWhich meant a lot to him since the Iberian lands became one of his favorite destinations to travel with his family.

This is what he showed on his digital platforms, in which he published pictures from the city of Valencia with his wife, adding experiences and knowledge to the beautiful story that they have preserved for nearly 30 years. for this reason, Raul is expected to return to Univision soon.

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The animator exploded against his producer

The situation began when “Rawley”, as his co-showrunner Lily Estefan calls him, wanted to tell the audience about a family moment, words that were interrupted by the production team to make room for a report, causing him to explode and release frogs. And snakes

“I don't understand the disrespect they allow here. “They took me off the air while I was talking. It seems sad to me that this show that was created 25 years ago for Lily and me, a producer who started here three years ago, is being cut when I'm talking about something. “To go to commercials” He stated angrily.

Likewise, Raoul, 64, mentioned that the team behind the cameras is solely focused on creativity for each day. 20 stories that prevented interaction between him and Lily, Since the program was established on September 21, 1996.