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Why did UIF block the bank accounts of UNAM Faculty of Medicine?

Why did UIF block the bank accounts of UNAM Faculty of Medicine?

UNAM Faculty of Medicine accounts blocked (Photo: UNAM Foundation)

Financial Information Unit (FIU)UIFA body under the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) froze accounts School of medicine From the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

In this context The Al-Aqsa House of Studies clarified that the matter is not under investigation by the UIFHe demanded the immediate release of his bank accounts.

“The Faculty of Medicine and its financial statements have nothing to do with the investigations conducted by the UIF,” UNAM said in a statement issued on February 23.

The university institution determined that the person being investigated is Luis Arturo González Nava, former Administrative Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine. In this sense, he classified the matter as “purely personal.”

UNAM distanced itself from the UIF investigation, Photo: ANDREA MURCIA /CUARTOSCURO.COM
UNAM distanced itself from the UIF investigation, Photo: ANDREA MURCIA /CUARTOSCURO.COM

The bulletin also notes that Gonzalez Nava informed the university last December that his personal bank accounts had been blocked on orders from the Financial Intelligence Unit, and that faculty accounts were in the same position, with his signature apparently linked to them.

Subsequently, UNAM appointed a new administrative secretary and filed suit They file direct lawsuits against the blocking of their corporate accountssince the federal judge decided that the faculty should not be considered an “aggrieved third party.”

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While the matter was resolved, the Administrative Secretariat and the University Treasury took the necessary measures so that the Faculty of Medicine could carry out its substantive tasks without problems.

As Administrative Secretary, González Nava was responsible for ensuring that the management of exceptional resources was implemented in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the UNAM regulations.

It was also his job Implement internal policies and procedures Of an administrative nature Providing the structural units of the College of Medicine with resources So that it can carry out its activities efficiently.

In short, he was responsible for ensuring that the educational institution's resources were used appropriately.

UNAM did not publish details about its investigation. On the other hand, Dar Al-Aqsa limited itself to clarifying that the signature of its former collaborator was linked by the investigation authorities to an office in which he was a partner.