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Exploring the role of women in art and science

Exploring the role of women in art and science

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In an effort to highlight the work and legacy of women in art, the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico and the National Institute of Fine Arts and Letters (INBAL), through the National Coordination of Dance, joined the 30th – 26th Ibero-American Women in Art International Meeting to present a dance exhibition in framework for this important activity.

Under the supervision of the Women in Music AC group and the International Coordinator of Women in Art (ComuArte), led by composer and musicologist Leticia Armijo, this meeting becomes a space to highlight the works of distinguished creators and directors who fight for the recognition and active presence of women in the artistic world.

The theme of this edition focuses on “Women in Art and Science Confronting Globalization, Climate Holocaust, and Human Rights Abuses,” exploring the critical role women play in these fields in a world facing increasing challenges.

The Guillermina Bravo Dance Theater of the Centro Cultural del Bosque (CCB) will be the main stage where the dance program of the meeting will take place, from Thursday 29 February to Sunday 3 March.

Among the outstanding performances, the Muhuvidanza troupe, directed by Rogelio Landa, will enchant the audience with “Migrant Roots”, a choreography that addresses the phenomenon of migration from the point of view of women who face this process in search of a better life. This work seeks to promote gender equality and highlight the unique experiences and challenges faced by migrant women.

In addition, the company will perform Bernardo Benitez's Dialogues of Seduction and Madness, a work that explores the nuances of the act of seduction and its emotional and psychological effects.

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The Contemporary Dance School of the Olin Yuliztli Cultural Center, under the direction of Consuelo Vásquez García, will also be part of this celebration, presenting “Silver Dreams, 25 Years of History”, a program that commemorates the first quarter of a century. The existence of the institution. Students will perform choreography by different composers, integrating body types and music into a show that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

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