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Who doesn’t have to go for an interview to make it work

Visa processing is required as an essential requirement for entry into the United States For those without that nationality. However, the Joe Biden government recognizes that some groups represent a positive impact on the country’s economy, and therefore, it is planned to speed up the waiting time for obtaining documents. Sometimes a face-to-face interview is avoided.

According to the State Department’s statement, “the positive impact this will have on the US economy is recognized.” Temporary work visa holders and foreign students travel to the United Statesand undertakes Facilitates non-immigrant travel And further reduce visa waiting time.

Types of visas for travel to the United Statesunintelligent

In this sense, that Who is processing the visa for the first time and who needs to renew it Within the same category, In 48 months following the previous expiry. Therefore, there is no need to visit the US embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

At the end of December last year, The United States Department of State has announced that they are increasing the fee for US visa processing. While not all categories will see an increase, most will.

Via the Federal Register website The new amounts were announced where non-immigrant visas dominate, so traveling to the country for tourism or business will be more expensive.

Increase the fee for processing a visa to enter the United States
Increase the fee for processing a visa to enter the United StatesShutterstock

It should be noted that without the relevant payment, the process will not start. Also, the State Department There is no obligation to issue a visa under any circumstances The amount will not be refunded unless the applicant has already paid the fee and permission is not granted.

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According to official information, the new costs for each type of visa are given below: