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WhatsApp now also allows you to send videos in HD with iOS and Android

WhatsApp now also allows you to send videos in HD with iOS and Android

WhatsApp Messenger is receiving a new software update with this functionality.

WhatsApp Messenger offers support for HD videos

Just a week ago, WhatsApp surprised the world with the launch of a new function designed to send images in high definition without losing an iota of quality in their resolution. Well, the developers of the most popular instant messaging app on the planet have now released a feature Send HD videos.

The fact is that WhatsApp introduced several new features in the month of August on both iOS and Android. despite of Many features are still under developmentOther features such as sending HD videos are now available with the latest update of the App Store and Play Store. Here we tell you how it works.

WhatsApp is now compatible with HD videos

Until now there was no possible way to send a video on WhatsApp in its original resolution. All videos sent have lost quality. application compressed automatically This type of files in order to reduce delivery times and data consumption. The default resolution for the sent videos is 480 pFortunately, that will change starting today.

With the recent update of the WhatsApp application, users will be able to activate New button (HD) before sending the video. The process is really simple – and identical to sending an image in HD – all you have to do is select a video and activate the HD setting at the top of the screen before you send it. that easy!


WhatsApp Messenger offers HD quality of videos

If you choose standard definition, your video will be sent in 480p. This app is still an interesting alternative for those occasions when you have a poor internet connection or when you need to send a video quickly. But if you select the HD option, your videos will be sent in HD 720p.

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In addition, the app will give you details about the resolution and weight of the video before you send it.

They are also working through WhatsApp on other news that will arrive very soon on the Meta messaging platform. On the one hand, login will be compatible with access keys that include passwords, Touch ID, and Face ID. On the other hand, the application will change the way visualization images are sent through a more intuitive and organized system. What do you think of all the news that has arrived and is about to arrive on WhatsApp?