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Your Samsung mobile phone can now mimic your voice to answer calls for you

Your Samsung mobile phone can now mimic your voice to answer calls for you

Bixby will mimic your voice if you wish.

Bixby has been around among Samsung devices for a long time

Samsung continues to work on various improvements for users. The latest of these will be posts BixbySamsung virtual assistant it It comes built into your mid-range and high-end devicesAnd Now it will allow us to simulate our voice To answer phone calls and many other functions. A very useful post, unfortunately, at the moment Only available in English and Korean.

New post but with unknowns

As described by Sam MobileThis new feature will be created for Bixby Custom voice from our voice. To do this, the system will ask us to say a series of phrases that will help Bixby capture all the nuances of our voices and pronunciation. It will also ask us to download apps from the Galaxy Store to perform this simulation.

It is more than interesting job and this It is indeed available, but there is also a downside Today, it is about languages. At the moment, this function is only available in US English and Korean voice selection menus, so it is not available in Spanish at this time. In the same way it will remain known What languages ​​will this new feature be available in the future?or if it will be limited to these languages.


The new Bixby feature will record and mimic our voice as faithfully as possible

Bixby, Samsung’s old assistant

Bixby has been around since 2017 Forms part of Samsung’s higher range devicesBoth on phones and tablets. Debuted in the Galaxy S8 range, first devices installed Dedicated button to use its functions, something that was later incorporated into the lock button. Although it has its fans and detractors, agree that it is a system that has some extra utilities for Samsung devices.

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In the last years We have surrounded ourselves with voice assistants In multiple areas, and while Bixby is capable in its functionality, it also lags far behind other, more responsive models, especially when it comes to searches, such as Google Assistant or Alexa, from Amazon. And that is why Samsung today continues to work for it Giving Bixby a strong position again Within the current panorama of virtual assistants.