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These will be the new colors for the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro

These will be the new colors for the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro

As every year, the iPhone line arrives which are offered in different colours. In recent years, shades of gray (or black), gold and silver have always been there, although Apple has changed the names of these colors. Now this year for the iPhone 15 Pro, we will definitely see new colors that weren’t there until now. And also new building materials in certain models.

The good news is the new colors and new build materials that we can expect to see in the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. But what Apple gives you, it takes from you. And so it is with this movementWe definitely have to say goodbye (for now) to one of the oldest colours (and loved by many). the reason? Specifically, this new building material. We’ll tell you where all this comes from, and what the iPhone 15 Pro line will look like in terms of colors.

And if you are interested to know what are the new colors of the standard range of iPhone 15, we will explain them to you as well.

New materials, two new colors and a retired veteran of the Pro range

English speaking medium 9to5Mac They had access to sources that allowed them to “confirm the colors that will be added” in the next generation iPhone 15 Pro.

One of these new colors is navy blue, or navy blue, which “will be the special color of the year, replacing dark purple,” which we were able to see on the current iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The second is Titan Gray. According to 9to5Mac, “In addition to being visually different, the change in materials will reduce the weight of each iPhone, compared to previous devices made of stainless steel.”

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Navy blue and titanium are two new colors that have not been seen before. In the same way, The iPhone is made of titanium It will be a real “before and after”. And to all this, we must add a “new gray option,” according to 9to5Mac.

In addition, they explain that “in the process of removing stainless steel, Apple will cease to have a golden color.” So, we’ll see two new colors (and a new building material). But we say goodbye to the golden color that has accompanied us for many years.

Currently, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max come in Midnight Purple, Space Black, Silver, and Gold. Of course, the construction of these phones is made of stainless steel.

The “standard” iPhone 15 will come in five colors

In the same way that we will see new colors in the iPhone 15 Pro, we also have other repertoires for the iPhone 15. According to the information that 9to5Mac was able to know, this range will come in black, green, blue, yellow and pink colors. Similarly, another color is expected, which is not mentioned. “Apple adds an extra color in the spring,” they explained.

The current iPhone 14s feature purple, blue, red, star white, and black. The color added in the spring was yellow.