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“WhatsApp is working on an alternative profile to show different photos and names of unknown users.”  Daily menu

“WhatsApp is working on an alternative profile to show different photos and names of unknown users.” Daily menu

WhatsApp is working on a new privacy option for Android that introduces the ability to create an alternate profile, through which a secondary profile picture and name can be used to show to users who… You do not have access to your profile Main.

The instant messaging platform continues to look for ways to protect users’ privacy, in order to provide a more secure in-app experience, in this case, with regard to their personal data.

WhatsApp has already had a privacy function since 2022 through which users can limit who can see their photos, last contact or personal information. Choose from all users, only added contactsContacts added except some selected users or none.

In this sense, the Meta messaging app has started working on a new privacy option, allowing the creation of an alternative profile that will be displayed to users who have restricted access to the main profile. With this option, users will be able to set up a secondary profile by entering an alternate photo and name.

This has been verified by the specialized media WaBetaInfo after analyzing the WhatsApp beta update for Android, which shows that this option under development is designed for those users who have access to their profiles configured for a limited audience.

That is, those users who, for example, have configured that only contacts saved in the phonebook can see their profile picture, You will be able to create this new alternate profile, to show it to users who are not saved in your contacts. This is a measure intended to protect personal information.

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Specifically, this new alternative profile option has been implemented on the Privacy Settings page, in the Profile Picture section. From there, users will be able to enter their new profile photo and alternate name.