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Samsung has just improved your mobile camera with these six new AI functions

Samsung has just improved your mobile camera with these six new AI functions

A qualitative leap from the Samsung camera.

The Samsung Galaxy phone with One UI 6 will have amazing new camera functions

Samsungwhose One UI 6 update has already begun to revamp the software of these devices, has Camera improvements as one of its great assets. With advances in artificial intelligence and user experience, Samsung has redesigned the app and now offers the best service it has ever provided. This leap, long awaited by users, It will put Samsung camera to a new level.

Improvements and new features

Interface Samsung camera has always been very popular For its ease of use, but there are always points for further improvement. That’s why, The company also announced on its websiteOne UI 6 will come loaded with camera improvements. These changes are also being implemented, as well as tweaking the design to make it more useful New features so you can use functions that have not been published yet.

that’s it AI-driven changes Which arrives with One UI 6 to Samsung Camera and Galaxy Enhance-X:

  • Smart document scanning. Thanks to improved AI, scanning documents with your camera will be even better than before.
  • Artificial intelligence constellations. Artificial intelligence will be able to determine the location of different constellations in the starry sky images in your gallery.
  • Crop images. Similar to the iPhone’s function, the phone can record a short video clip showing the moments preceding the moment of shooting.
  • New slow motion system. Thanks to improved AI, Slow Motion will more intelligently choose which part of the video you want to slow down.
  • Take one. This mode will also be improved to provide a better overall result thanks to the adjustment made by the AI.
  • Traffic flow. Long exposure videos will also have higher quality thanks to the software’s AI-based adjustments.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra home screen

One UI interface, which already leaves some importance to Samsung services such as Pay, DeX or Health.

Continuous improvements at Samsung

Samsung isn’t just making changes to its software; Improve your exclusive applications, like Samsung Browser which recently brought new and useful features. In this way, the South Korean company continues to work on manufacturing its phones An ecosystem that includes all types of services.

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That’s why Samsung It also has its own store, Galaxy Apps, where there are usually strange promotions that differ from those on Google Play. Moreover, he also lost Your own wallet, Samsung Wallet, which allows you to carry out all types of payments via NFC. Today, Samsung has got a very integrated system In all kinds of areas of the digital world.

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