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WhatsApp is updated by sending high-resolution images: this is how it is used

WhatsApp is updated by sending high-resolution images: this is how it is used

Starting today, WhatsApp beta already allows you to send images in their highest resolution. For now, yes, only in beta.

WhatsApp now allows you to send high-resolution images

No more tricks to be able to send images via WhatsApp in the highest quality. The world’s most used instant messaging app has finally been updated to offer choice Send high-resolution photoswithout having to send them as if they were documents or having to resort to third party tools.

This has since been confirmed WABetaInfoWho shows us how Some users already see the option to send photos In HD via WhatsApp when you update to the latest beta version of the app.

Send images in full resolution on WhatsApp, no gimmicks

Send HD images on WhatsApp

Interface of sending images in HD for WhatsApp

As we have learned, sending HD images on WhatsApp comes with WhatsApp Beta version for iOSand with WhatsApp Beta version for Android. Both versions are already being distributed to users who are committed to the test program through the respective app stores.

By upgrading to this version, you can learn how to do it The submit image screen now includes a new icon With “HD” gear icon. Clicking it opens a menu that allows it Choose the image quality, be it Standard or HD.

Option HD Allows you to send the image to 4K resolution as long as it is available. If you select this option, An icon will appear on the image in the message bubble that contains it.

It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated options by WhatsApp users, which finally puts the Meta messaging app on the level of alternatives like Telegram in this regard. Now, all that remains is to wait for the company to decide to bring the functionality to the stable version of the application, so that more users can enjoy it.