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WhatsApp: How do you know who your contacts talk to the most

WhatsApp: How do you know who your contacts talk to the most

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.’s app The WhatsApp It is still one of the favorite sites thanks to the ease it gives users to keep in touch with their families and friends; However, if for some reason Want to know who one of your contacts in the app is chatting withThen we tell you how.

The first thing you should know is that the only way to know With whomever does the person you “check” talk to the most, it is through recordsAnd trusses And The pictures you send via The WhatsApp.

And therefore With the following trick, Could you Find out exactly who you are most active with Any of the contacts you have registered in the popular app.

How do you know who the people talk to the most?

  • Go to WhatsApp and search for “Settings” (if your smartphone is iOS) or “Settings” (if it’s Android).
  • Choose “Data and Storage”.
  • Enter “storage usage”.
  • Once in, the list of contacts that the person interacts with most frequently will be displayed.
  • By clicking, you can check all messages, files and all information exchanged by the contact you have investigated with the person who spends the most time interacting on WhatsApp.

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