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What you should know about Neuralink, Elon Musk’s technology that will implant chips into the human brain | Tools | artificial intelligence | Intelligent mind | technology

A device implanted in the human brain that allows to enhance it and know its activity in detail, is this possible? With the advent of 2022 and the development of technology, we do not fall behind in the future vision that distinguishes it, , the billionaire owner of Telsa and SpaceX, assures that this year he will surprise the world with an unusual mission.

Musk, with Neutral Interface technology company Neuralink, has set out to develop a device that directly connects the human brain with artificial intelligence that can be placed in the human brain and thus record and potentially stimulate brain activity.

To what extent can human interaction with the device change in a person’s brain? There is still some time to find out because while Musk has expressed interest in releasing his work this year, there is no exact date. However, the relevance of this device is due not only to the future vision of its creator, but can also be useful in neuroanatomy and neuroscience.

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What you should know about Neuralink?

Neuralink is a device that is surgically implanted into the human brain. Having placed them, a person will be able to communicate with the machines and will be able to control them. With its implementation, it will allow to analyze the electrical signals of the brain and come up with solutions to medical problems.

That tech breakthrough is coming, according to Elon Musk, soon. While human testing has not begun, the installed chip, called the N1, is 8mm in diameter and has multiple wires containing the electrodes. Through its application, Neuralink can control basic devices such as a smartphone, computer, and even writing with a thought.

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For this it is important to highlight that the brain sends information to different parts of the body through neurons that communicate with each other, and communicate through neurotransmitters that generate an electric field that can record these interactions by placing electrodes nearby. The electrodes can understand the electrical signal from the brain so Neuralink can read what you’re thinking and allow you to communicate with machines without saying a word.

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