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What it takes to monetize X according to Elon Musk

What it takes to monetize X according to Elon Musk

Elon Musk used an anonymous account to show how directives work in X. (EFE)

Elon Musk revealed details of one of the features through which he hopes to draw users' attention to

via an anonymous account, The businessman conducted tests to determine the operation of this tool Through this means, he provided details, specifically about content monetization, through which he seeks to invite streamers to use his platform.

Musk compared his approach to the feature to YouTube's advertising model, where users can skip ads after five seconds. Income from these All ads will go to content creators, Which is something very different from what Twitch does, which splits profits in half.

In addition to this strategy, the entrepreneur promised to implement tips and paid subscriptions for content creators on X, just as it works on other platforms, where users pay a small amount to get benefits or simply support the streamer.

Elon Musk used an anonymous account to show how directives work in X. (X)

In case Creators can restrict interactions in chat For those who don't subscribe, it's also available on Twitch or YouTube, platforms that have many advantages for those who pay.

During the broadcast, in which he was playing Diablo IV, The Tesla owner mentioned that he is interested in reducing latency in live streaming To improve the quality of content.

In this space, Musk talked about the impact he could have on the live streaming ecosystem. While Twitch was the dominant app, X proposed sharing 100% of ad revenue It can motivate creative peopleespecially those who have expressed frustration with current revenue sharing models on other platforms.

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This is the first time the owner of X has spoken about plans for the app In this regard, there are still many doubts about how this tool works. For example, it is not known whether live streaming earnings will be exclusive to those with a paid account, the date on which streaming can be made and what other incentives they will offer users to subscribe to creator accounts.

Elon Musk used an anonymous account to show how live directives work on X. (Reuters)

Adding this kind of options for users to create content and presence on the platform is also a move that seeks to attract the attention of advertisers, who have been leaving little by little, resulting in losses for the company.

This crisis could have generated losses for X of approximately $75 million After more than 100 sponsors, including major brands such as Coca-Cola, Google, Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix and others, removed their ads from the platform due to a recent scandal involving their ads appearing alongside anti-Semitic and discriminatory content. .

This scenario comes after several weeks of implementation.

The impact of the loss is not only economic but also the reputation of X has generated Only 50 of the 100 largest advertisers in the US remain loyal to the app and continue to spend to appear on it.

However, information from the digital marketing company Sensor Tower indicates that this investment represents approximately 45% of the money invested before Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion.