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What it is and how to activate it

What it is and how to activate it


How to decorate WhatsApp logo for the new year

It should be noted that this function can only be implemented by downloading Nova Launcherwhich is an application used to customize WhatsApp symbol It is only available in google play store, This is just for Android users.

With this in mind, a series of steps must be followed:

  • Image search”Golden WhatsApp icon In the browser.
  • Open Nova Launcher.
  • WhatsApp search.
  • Press and hold until the editing option is enabled.
  • Under this option, upload a png image and save the changes to finish changing the WhatsApp icon.


WhatsApp: The trick to scheduling messages for the new year

To make scheduled delivery possible, you must install it on your cell phone The decisionAn application that allows you to write messages and then send them.

Once downloaded to a cell phone, users must register and allow access to it The decision For messaging apps like WhatsApp.


The last step is to choose the contact, press the button “Creates” And Complete the appropriate fields (such as text, date, and time) to schedule messages.

At the time of shipment, The app sends a reminder and just tap “Send” to confirm sending the message.

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