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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has appeared on Walmart's website ahead of its launch

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has appeared on Walmart's website ahead of its launch

As if there weren't enough leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, it has now popped up at Walmart. The smartphone still has a few weeks to go before it is officially presented, but there are no longer many secrets about its features.

as we see In the web From the American retailer, the device appeared in its version with 256 GB of internal storage in Titanium Black. Additionally, it appears with 12GB of RAM and is from carrier AT&T. At the time of writing, the website still offers the phone.

Some of the phone's features appear in the phone's description. Programming It also leaked from the phone. Attend the Live translation, Night photography zoom And Generative editing.

As its names indicate, Live Translate will allow us to speak foreign languages ​​instantly, directly from the Samsung Phone application. Night zoom will allow us to take better photos at night or in low light, while generative adjustment will allow us to move or delete objects. We can fill in the empty spaces using generative editing, and of course this will require a Samsung account login and an internet connection.

The phone appears to be out of stock, but this leak from Walmart confirms everything that was expected from the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The team will be inducted on January 17 in San Jose, California. When that date comes, there will be little left for us to know about the smartphone.

to update

At approximately 3:00 pm in Chilean territory, the post was removed by Walmart, acknowledging its error. However, the post remained in the records of various news portals.

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