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What is the Odige Museum of Environmental Sciences? – Public Metro Mexico

During the administration of the elected governor of Jalisco, Pablo Lemos Navarro, builder Environmental Science Museum from the University of Guadalajara (Odig), whose construction was halted due to his withdrawal 140 million pesos For the university budget for 2021, according to the highest ranking university in the country.

Lemos met with Ricardo Villanueva Lomeli, dean of UdeG. Following the conversation, the state president-elect wrote on social media: “We had the opportunity to talk about the projects that we will undertake in In partnership with UdeG and the Government of Jaliscoso that more young people can access it Middle and higher education“.

“We also agreed to promote the cultural projects that the University of Guadalajara has, e.g Environmental Science MuseumLemos added in his message.

He also pointed out that university It is necessary to achieve the desired development of Jalisco. In addition, he emphasized that during his tenure there will be a friendly relationship and joint work with UdeG.

Environmental Science Museum

According to the University of Guadalajara, the Museum of Environmental Sciences is a space with diverse components Innovative in design. It will have two hectares of gardens that will be conceived Landscape and agricultural landscape of Jalisco; Community and Neighborhood Development Center to benefit surrounding neighborhoods; Research institute on the relationship between the city and nature, and urban sustainability; And headquarters City Science Laboratory Which is implemented with the MIT-Media Lab.

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