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What is the cost of baggage wrapping in Cuban airports?

What is the cost of baggage wrapping in Cuban airports?

Should you leave Cuba through its airports and wondering how much does it cost to pack a bag in one of its airports? Well, don’t doubt it any more, here we explain the latest update of this service at “José Marti” International Airport in Havana and their prices.

This week, the authorities of said air terminal, the main gateway for flights to Cuba, reported the current cost of this service. According to this report on social networks, in Terminal 3 of the “José Martí” airport, which receives most communications, the baggage wrapping service is provided.

“They insure packaging, with a certain type of stretchy nylon, which covers them all and keeps them closed and protected during their entire transit. The service costs 240 COPs and is paid in advance at the cash desk located in the lobby of the building itself,” Shown.

How to pack in Cuba?

A Cuban traveler lamented the outage for a while and recounted a personal experience in March this year.

“That service was cut off because I don’t know how long. I might add that on March 18th, when they tried to downsize a bag that would leave on a W2F bound for Spain, they weren’t doing it because of a lack of nylon. Two other workers from Terminal 3 told me they They haven’t done that for about a month. They’ve been providing that service,” he explained.

Faced with these questions, the Havana airport authorities replied that “the baggage wrapping service has so far remained active without being affected.”

Packing is an essential practice to protect your belongings during a flight, especially if it is a long one, such as flights to Europe. By wrapping your bags, you are preventing them from getting damaged or dirty during transit. Plus, the packaging also helps keep everything organized and in its place, which makes packing and unpacking easier.

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Another benefit of packing luggage is that it can increase the security of your belongings. By using materials such as bubble wrap or security tape, you reduce the chances of someone opening your bags and stealing your belongings.