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A Cuban scientist gives recommendations for people who make homemade gasoline

CubitaNOW write ~ Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Doctor of Science Manuel Antosh answered questions from the professional press about the possibility of making homemade gasoline.

Such as the pictures that spread on social networks of young people who resorted to this practice in the midst of the severe fuel crisis that the island is experiencing.

Their statements were exchanged In the government press and trying to show the dangers of artisanal production of gasoline from plastic.

Antuch begins by noting that he received a question from “some friends” about “the feasibility and safety of making synthetic gasoline from plastic.”

“This innovation has been spread widely on the networks by some Cuban lads (Diron Matos and Heriberto Silva) for whom I have nothing but good ideas. Living through this mass crisis has been a very difficult test in many ways, and we are a nation that lives thanks to adaptability and innovation And the sea by car. Indeed, in order to be able to drive in a car (well, or on a motorcycle), you need fuel, “the scientist explained.

The Doctor of Science spoke about the process and noted that catalysts are used “to speed up the reaction, increase its selectivity, and lower its temperature. There are many catalysts for this process, but in the Cuban context zeolites can be of great importance, because there are three producing deposits on our island (Villa Clara, Camaguey and Holguin)

When asked if what the boys of Las Tunas are doing is dangerous, he flatly replies: “Yes, very dangerous. After seeing this innovation, it will be a lot of Cubans who will try to do it, out of scarcity. But in fact, this kind of craft design can could explode at any time. After seeing the interview given by the boys circulating on the networks, there are some issues they comment on that require some clarification to avoid further evils; for example, the statement that the reactor they came up with “doesn’t explode” because It includes only invasive species: it is not true, the gases explode; on the other hand, the escalation which these people propose seems to me to be a great folly.

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“If life puts me in such a situation that I had to make petrol out of plastic, I would take all kinds of precautions that unfortunately these guys don’t,” Antoch added.

In this sense, the scientist made some recommendations “I will make the capacitor as long as possible (what the boys call a coil); you will never come close as you show in their video. Once the reactor is started, I will never come close to it, not even within five meters; if it is necessary Recharge it with more plastic so that it will continue to produce I will tie a shovel to several sticks and do everything from the greatest and wisest distance, and even from a distance, with a good mask, a good fireman’s jacket (with asbestos insulation), a fire extinguisher of course, and no children for miles around.”

The specialist confirmed that it is a simple process when it is carried out according to certain security regulations and confirmed that it would be appropriate for him to be subject to investigation.

“The innovation of Dairon and Heriberto can (must be) an incentive for responsible enterprises to take a bold step and develop this type of operation, which can be very beneficial for our country. I think the idea of ​​creating an SME is an excellent one, and the boys can participate. I think that It is possible.

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