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What is Apple Trade In and why is it useful for getting Christmas gifts?

What is Apple Trade In and why is it useful for getting Christmas gifts?

Apple offers the option to trade in used devices for discounts on its products. (Unsplash)

Season arrival Christmas It has caused millions of buyers around the world to start looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones, and one of the most sought after gifts is the one related to technology. In this sense, Manzana It offers an ideal service that helps users save a few dollars that they can use for other purchases during the holidays.

“with Apple trade in “You can get great value for your current device and apply it to purchasing a new one,” he says. web page Company official. “You can do it all online or at Apple Store. If your device is not eligible for credit, you can We will recycle Free”.

On the other hand, the company confirms that this is the way to Recycling This is positive for the user, because they no longer have to deal with an old device, and also for the planet since recycling components will reduce waste. electronics.

This type of exchange applies not only to different iPhone models, but can also be applied to products of other brands such as Apple watch, IPAD And Mac. The company’s virtual store website, apple.com/shop/trade-in, also offers reviews and discounts if customers decide to trade in older devices from other manufacturers that use the operating system. Android.

Apple Trade In is Apple’s product trade-in program for discounts. (Yasser)

The program has a sense of proportion and devaluation. This means that each product is equivalent to a certain store credit. Manzana And the latest models represent a greater discount compared to A Old model.

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For example, if the user wants to purchase iPhone 15 Pro Max And submit a model 14 Pro Max, the user gets a discount of $650 on their purchase. However, if you wish to hand over a iPhone 12 Pro Maxprices will be reduced $450. This applies if the device is in good condition, because if it is defective or broken, the benefit is greatly reduced depending on the faulty component.

Before switching, it is recommended that users back up their data, either on… ICloud Or on an external hard disk, once the device is delivered to it Manzana, it will not be possible to recover the information received. The company does not give cash back, but rather provides a gift card for App StoreTo encourage customers to renew their devices within the company’s ecosystem.

The same standards apply to exchanging devices that have an operating system Android The discount is implemented in proportion to the progress of the model delivered and the condition in which it is found.

Apple Trade In lets you trade in Android products for discounts. (Yasser)

If users have, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5GThis can be redeemed for a balance of $340while A Samsung Galaxy S22 5G He has the equivalent of up to $190 If the device is in good condition.

The process of exchanging the device can take place without the user providing a receipt or some kind of justification or evidence so that the purchase process can be completed quickly. It stands to reason that the discount varies as the devices age. Compensation for a iPhone 14 Pro Max In a year or two it will not be the same as it is today.

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This software can be used, for example, if a customer wants to offer you a product from Manzana To a friend or family member. It will only be necessary for the buyer to have an old cell phone stored in his home so that he can access the stock exchange and obtain discount.