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What happens if I stay in the US for more than six months on a tourist visa?

What happens if I stay in the US for more than six months on a tourist visa?

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The Tourist visa B1/B2 An identification document that allows you to legally visit the United States and the entire territory for recreation. without one and its boundaries These documents.

If you already have one of these visas, here are some frequently asked questions travelers ask before departure to America And today we know What happens if you stay in the country for more than six months? A tourist visa and what it means for your immigration status.

What happens if I stay in the US for more than six months on a tourist visa?

This is Non-immigrant visa It is processed to enter the neighboring country to the north only for leisure and leisure or business trips, and it should be taken into account that the maximum period of stay in that country with this type of document is six months. . However, staying at this time, you should pay attention to the stamp that the migration agent places at the time of your entry. Maybe less than you think.

In recent years, the Department of Homeland Security It has given more importance The monitor stays on This means staying longer than these six months and if you stay longer than the time established by the authorities, there are several consequences you should consider, including:

  • The visa is revoked and the person can be deported to his home country.
  • You may have a demurrage filed on your entry into the United States, which may result in you being denied entry on your next visit to the ports of entry.
  • An application for visa extension or adjustment of status may be restricted.
  • You are only allowed to apply for a US visa from your home country.
  • If you accumulate an illegal presence in that country, you may be subject to sanctions.
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Because of all this, it is important to consider Time limit Upon entering that country, it is established in your passport to avoid legal problems and difficulties on future trips to that country, as B1/B2 tourist visas should be processed only and exclusively during pleasure trips or business in that country. It is not allowed Work with her.

This happens if you stay longer than the installed time/photo: unsplash

On each visit, Travelers They are allowed to travel to Canada or Mexico for up to 30 days and then return to the United States as long as they stay within the minimum period of stay, which is specified on the I-94 form. You may request an extension of your stay as long as there is no accommodation that exceeds these limits, and you must consider all of this. No problem with the authorities in that country.