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What are the cheapest flights between USA and Cuba?

What are the cheapest flights between USA and Cuba?

Travel between Cuba and the United States and vice versa is one of the most demanding on the island, as millions of Cubans live in the neighboring country, especially from the south of the state of Florida, from Miami International Airport. Or Fort Lauderdale, mostly. But there are also flights from Texas or New York.

Some reports Press releases say some tickets from the Cuban capital to the U.S. cost less than $100, at least one way, according to cheap flight portals. If you are interested, we present them below. You get what’s called a “humanitarian parole,” which directs you to be specific about which airline to buy a one-way ticket to that country.

Among the cheapest airlines are American Airlines and Delta Air Lines with a high number of frequencies to “Jose Marti” in Havana, as well as connections to various airports in the provinces such as Santa Clara, Camagüey or Santiago de Cuba. . It is important to remember that experts in airline deals recommend buying tickets at least a month in advance to get the lowest prices.

Cheapest flights to Cuba from the United States?

Looking for cheap flights from Cuba to Miami? Then you’ll be interested to know that tickets this week range from $90 to $220, one-way, according to Google Flights, the online flight booking search service that guarantees the best fares. Airlines that offer these prices include American Airlines and Delta, which we already told you about.

If you want to travel from Cuba to Miami, Florida, American Airlines is a good option, a low-cost airline with one-way tickets in July 2023 starting at $90, according to its website. Another alternative is Delta, whose flights from Havana to Miami start at $90 if we book them in advance on their online page.

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