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Enrique Carré attacked for comparing AIFA to Houston airport

Enrique Carré attacked for comparing AIFA to Houston airport

Do you want to look good or think so? The truth is, no one seems to have learned the lesson, because even today, as it seems, everything goes around Social websitesAny Comment out of bounds Or what most think, it might be used against you.

This time, who got him Stunnedwent Historian and communicator, Enrique CarreyOne of the tiniest voices nba And this nfl Inside Mexico.

Because, by the way, who is a A very different style To do his narrative work and take some holidayIn a post Twitter He compared it to a good handle ridicule.

Also, why? Kare imposed principle In recent times, no one has accused him of making a beard out of those letters President Andrés Manuel López ObradorBecause the flowers were for each other Great work of his government, The Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA).

Why was Carey criticized?

On the way Quintana RsAnd before that Get on the plane The journalist added that it would lead him to his destination First World TerminalAnd then it wasn’t finished Heavy users of the digital orbit.

“From there we will go to Playa del Carmen Fascinating AIFA. A moment I thought it was the Houston airport”.

“Yes, Houston Airport, But at 4 amwhen Everything is closed And no more planes”; “Certainly, after all By number of flights Both airports”, are some of the many negative comments against good sense Kick.