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Young people hospitalized with Govt-19 want to be vaccinated

Young people hospitalized with Govt-19 want to be vaccinated

(CNN) – A young woman from Florida spent 11 days with a ventilator after signing a contract Govit-19 He has a message for his colleagues and others.

“My message, technically: please do if you are eligible for the vaccine,” Paulina Velasquez told CNN from her home in Coral Springs, Florida. “I plan to get vaccinated as soon as my doctor tells us when it can be done.”

Paulina, 15, wanted to get vaccinated earlier this summer. But then he got constipation and headache. He lost his sense of taste and smell. There was difficulty in breathing.

On July 11, Paulina tested positive for Covit-19. Within a week, the healthy and energetic high school student had difficulty breathing normally in the emergency room of Ford Lauderdale Hospital.

It was so scary, he said.

As the oxygen level was low, the doctors immediately put her on the ventilator.

Agnes Velasquez said, “It was a very scary moment when they told me I didn’t know what to expect.” At first, she said she did not want her daughter to be a fan, but that her daughter’s condition could worsen.

He then told the medical staff, “Do what you can to save my daughter’s life.”

Physicians make decisions with the pregnant patient and Govt 2:20

Paulina also had pneumonia and was placed in a medically induced coma. Her mother decided to stay in her daughter’s room, from where, she was told she could not leave.

Agnes Velasquez told CNN last month to “fight for your life” every day.

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Paulina’s doctor, Dr. Venu Devabhaktuni, medical director of the Broad Health Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU), said the young man’s condition was “unpredictable” while on the ventilator.

“Things got worse quickly, but she recovered because she was a healthy young woman. I think she was supportive of the healing,” Devabhaktuni said.

Almost a month later, Paulina was old enough to go home.

Now he is doing physical therapy to gain strength. Her arms and legs are still weak, but she is now able to walk on her own.

You have to work to reconsider how to lift and catch things.

Paulina is improving every day and wants others to avoid a similar experience.

“It’s a very serious virus. It doesn’t choose who the virus infects,” he said in a statement to those who have not been vaccinated. “He can hit you just as hard as I do. I don’t want anyone to pass what I went through.”

Doctors say Paulina can be vaccinated when she is strong enough.

Children are at high risk for infection 0:51