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We look forward to hearing from Pierluisi on Monday regarding the relaxation of COVID-19's operations.

We look forward to hearing from Pierluisi on Monday regarding the relaxation of COVID-19’s operations.

Puerto Rico is waiting for controls to be relaxed COVID-19 On Monday, the governor is expected to announce Peter Pierre Lucy. One of the most anticipated is, without a doubt, whether the governor will choose to eliminate or soften the use of masks, which are widely recommended by the medical community to reduce the risk of this easily transmitted respiratory virus infection. Person.

“On Monday, the governor, along with the Health and Science Alliance, will announce the details,” Caridad Pierre Lucy expects today.

To questions from reporters, the sister of the country’s chief executive did not mention whether the governor’s announcement in two days would remove the masks, a requirement that has so far been sought in interior spaces.

Last Monday, the governor was expected to announce further relaxations, particularly regarding the permitted capacity and requirements for vaccines and tests.

The Dr. Victor RamosWho is an area Scientific Alliance, Commented that the Advisory Council had made a number of recommendations to the Governor regarding the need for trials and vaccines in some places, as well as the use of masks and the permissible capacity of indoor areas. For example, the capacity currently allowed in restaurants is 75% of its capacity.

“People think cases have fallen in the United States, no. In Puerto Rico and some other places the transmission map is in red. Public health measures (hospital) are there instead of protecting the system,” he said.

According to him Department of HealthThe positive ratio of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico is 4.47%.

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The Dr. Monica Felio Moger, A spokesman for Ciencia Puerto Rico warned that the use of masks is an easy step to follow that has been proven to work to reduce the chances of infection. The neurologist stressed that its use should be maintained, especially in indoor and outdoor areas, where there is a high risk of infection.

“(Mask) freedom, it allows you to get a certain default,” he said, warning that wearing it will not only protect you from the virus, but also those around you.

In California, where he lives, masks are not required, but he wears them regularly, he said. Furthermore, he recalled, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended loosening the masks in most situations when the social impact of the virus is minimal or moderate.

“Especially if there are no restrictions on (people) in closed areas, this (mask requirement) is a prudent measure of safety,” he said.

In addition, eliminating the need for vaccination or virus testing in restaurants and other indoor areas is understandable, he said, adding that in large cases it is important that they continue to be needed, according to Feli Mozer.

Meanwhile, with the exception of Puerto Rico, only Hawaii maintains the mask requirement. Governor David Ike announced Friday that he is evaluating whether to extend the use of masks in the home after March 25.

In January, the World Health Organization called on nations not to rush into lifting sanctions against COVID-19.