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“We had to leave with a clean slate.”

“We had to leave with a clean slate.”


the Honduras national teamCuba beat Cuba 3-1 in the first qualifying match for the 2026 World Cup.

Bicolor coach Reynaldo Rueda highlighted the high level demonstrated by many of the players. Likewise, he revealed the reason why Joseph Rosales was excluded from the invitation to this duel.

On the other hand, he talked about Bermuda, his next opponent, and the talent shown by Choco Lozano and sent a message to the fans.

Honduras defeats Cuba and starts the CONCACAF qualifiers on the right foot towards the 2026 World Cup

Words by Reynaldo Rueda

Happy with the job? And include Javier Arriaga?

We must continue to improve, and demand of ourselves. This is a very difficult competitor due to its tactical obedience and in many clips we have seen Honduras needed against opponents of a higher level and maturity and from more competitive leagues. That’s what I told the boys, Cuba doesn’t have a national league and that’s why you have to make a difference, even though it has many players in the Legion.

Youssef arrived feeling uncomfortable and I did not see him at his level. Same with Wesley Dekas and that’s why they were left out. Javier Arriaga is a good thing, he showed the player he is, the level of the hierarchy and today he was able to control Diaz, who is a very difficult footballer.

What were you looking for with the changes?

The changes gave oxygen because there were already players who put a lot of effort into the game.

Carlos Pineda and David Ruiz came in to balance and strengthen the midfield because Deby Flores was already very tired. The intention was to get the ball rolling.

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Great team play by ‘H’! Rublio Castillo joined the team that led Honduras to victory over Cuba in a qualifying match

National League players

I liked that it was possible to play with 8 players from the National League, and even more so, knowing that against Ecuador, there would be no team from the MLS and Europe because they were not loaned. But it is positive that local players stand out in such matches.

Budget result

Yes, our demand was to achieve the target at zero. But it was good that we responded in the end and were able to get the advantage in the first half because otherwise it would have been difficult. But this team must improve to be at the level against stronger competitors.

Physical and mental work of players

We work every day on the physical aspect in the hotel gym. On the mental side, we have group and personal training because we know that it is a responsibility and that going to the World Cup is everyone’s dream.


It’s an organized team. Yesterday we saw them playing and we realized that we should not allow them to gain confidence because that could complicate the match.

The defensive area is the weakest

This is the risk taken today. We had to lead the team because we had to. The goal came as expected due to their physical appearance and speed and they did a very good job because they are aware of their strengths.

What does winning mean after 7 years?

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This was the challenge. This was not on my mind and I didn’t want them to take it lightly. But they reminded me of themselves. Thank God we won again and this is important because we gained confidence again.

Rubilio Castillo

Very professional because he shows a high level. Allenis Vargas and Douglas Martinez were chosen for him and he responded very positively. I am happy.

Choco Lozano version

What Anthony does is so important because of his goals and courage. The same goes for Alex Lopez because they have worn the national team jersey since they were kids and have been winners since they were young. They know what a national team means and how complicated the rankings are. This feeling keeps Lozano on this pace.

Bermuda vs Honduras: location, date, time and who is broadcasting the second match of the World Cup qualifiers

There are doubts for Bermuda

Tomorrow late at night we will arrive in Bermuda and we will try to put together the perfect team and hope there will be no disturbance.

Message to the fans.

Words are not worth it, what is worth is the facts. I hope we continue to love our players because they are also excited to participate in the World Cup.