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“We are committed to the community and actively participate in promoting culture for social welfare” – Associate Officer

“We are committed to the community and actively participate in promoting culture for social welfare” – Associate Officer

At what point did you see the need to recognize your commitment to the community? Get the IMPULSA CULTURA stamp?

At Lluch Essence, we are committed to society and actively involved in promoting culture for social well-being. We are convinced that culture enriches us as people and as a team.

As members of Fundació Catalunya Cultura Cultura, we thought it necessary to gain this recognition. For us, it is a great honor to achieve this, as it highlights the company’s good culture-supporting practices.

Additionally, the seal highlights our impact on several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by creating new opportunities through supporting culture and talent, with the potential for transformation and social progress. The seal is already part of our business and family values.

What is your assessment of this initiative, which already includes many organizations from different economic fields?

It’s a great. This initiative demonstrates the social commitment of many companies, entities and institutions towards the world of culture. We are a group with clear common interests, which we join and whose mission is to support the development of this initiative, and we devote part of our time to its development. We carry out various cultural activities targeting a very diverse audience, both internally and externally, and contribute positively to society. We have collaborated on cultural and social projects, always in line with our values. We are pleased to receive this honor, and we will continue to work to further enhance the culture and be a reference of inspiration for other entities.

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What other initiatives and projects derived from the responsible management model would you like to highlight?

Lluch Essence wants to inspire change in the behavior of companies, think about how their actions impact people and the environment, and make decisions responsibly, transparently and with accountability.

Lluch Essence’s commitment is to “Thrive Together”, and with this aim it promotes a culture of sustainable development that encourages the growth of its interest groups: customers, suppliers, workers, associations and the local community…

Since we want to contribute to preserving ecosystems and mitigating climate change, we have a comprehensive decarbonization strategy with very ambitious targets. These are some of the most important initiatives:

  • We calculate and offset our scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint.
  • We have also cooperated with our suppliers
  • We cooperate with the association SylvansIt works to preserve a network of ancient forests to reach 10% of the Catalan forest area in 2030, a target in line with the requirements of the European Green Deal.

From a social impact perspective, we have a comprehensive CSR strategy that ensures compliance with the highest standards, and ensures the needs and health of our workers and the community. That’s why we value cooperation with Saubrat Association, a local association that works to facilitate the integration of people in vulnerable situations. We work together on projects to build an equal opportunity, inclusive and supportive community.

As a family and a company, we want to create value, not only economic but social, responsible, and in this case also promoting cultural heritage.

You can access more responsible information in our digital library of shared responsibility publications.