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Was the Facebook.com domain for sale?


Facebook was down

notice Facebook social networking site In WhoIs woke up Rumor has it that the domain Facebook.com may be for sale. These rumors started spreading after massive drop that affected Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, along with other Facebook features like Oculus. However, a closer look at the WhoIs announcement reveals that the domain is not for sale.

An advertisement in Whols suggested that Facebook.com is for sale

advertisement On the WhoIs Domain Tools Registry website He claims that the Facebook domain, Facebook.com, was for sale while the site was down.

Ad text: “facebook.com for sale! This domain is for sale on one of our partner websites. Visit our partner to buy facebook.com.”

In fact, the ad appears in a legitimate entry for Facebook.com in WhoIs Domain Tools. However, a closer look reveals that the domain is not for sale.

The Declaration of WhoIs states that the Facebook domain was acquired on March 28, 1997, and does not expire until March 29, 2030. The domain information was last updated on September 22, 2021.

So no, Facebook.com is not for sale. The domain was purchased through March 2030 and the license will likely be renewed before that term expires.

Heavy.com and Right Now can see that the same ad is not in Instagram’s WhoIs record. (Instagram is owned by Facebook.) Likewise, it is also not included in the WhoIs registry for Twitter, which is a competitor not owned by Facebook.

In a Reddit thread about advertising, someone shared a possible explanation: “This is because DomainTools uses an intermediate discovery method that assumes that if the domain does not directed to a site (taken by a service or web page), It must be for sale. This is not really the case, and it continues to be registered as it appears in WHOIS.

Other domain sites confirm that Facebook.com is not for sale

The Search Facebook on Bluehost, the site indicates that Facebook.com is not available.

GoDaddy’s own site Confirms that Facebook.com is not for sale, even though the WhoIs ad comes from a company that belongs to the GoDaddy family.

GoDaddy reports that “Facebook has already been taken over”. Then he argues, “We may still be able to get it. See how.” This link will direct you to a file A domain agent service, similar to the Declaration of WhoIs, which states that a dedicated agent can help you “craft a strategy and budget for trying to acquire your domain.” This same ad appears when doing other searches, for example when searching for Twitter.com, so it’s not exclusive to Facebook.

So no, Facebook.com is not for sale.

The advertisement directs you to a general sale notice from UniRegistry

By clicking on the ad, one is directed to a file public sale announcement From UniRegistry.

The announcement indicates that UniRegistry is owned by GoDaddy. He then mentioned that it is possible to inquire about facebook.com and that the domain “could be yours today!” However, the cost of this consultation is $59 plus commission.

The About Us section of the service states: “Uniregistry has a team of more than 40 agents who speak over 14 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese, German, Afrikaans, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. Our agents are located around the world which gives us the best opportunity to get the name you want. We currently represent over 12 million domain names for sale and sell millions of dollars of these names per month.”

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