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Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs' way to success: One word that lets you focus

Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs’ way to success: One word that lets you focus

After his divorce, Karl was immersed in a cloud of negativity and on the advice of an old co-worker decided to attend a motivational seminar. oh Teacher Terence urges him to say “yes” to whatever is suggested to him. If the billionaire crowded buffet You will intersect with the character played by Jim Carrey in “Yes, sir!” Definitely You will be very disappointed With his attitude because it does not agree at all with his philosophy of success.

What distinguishes successful people? repeatedly Their habits and habits are often inquired in order to try to apply them in daily life In this way, he achieves the goals that each person proposes. In this case, it is a single syllable that, as they say, can completely change the way projects are carried out. just say no.

Steve Jobs method

Steve Jobs said during a global conference on Apple Inc. developers in 1997. He concluded: “I’m as proud of the things we haven’t done as I am about the things we have.. Innovation means saying no to a thousand things.”

The founder of the apple brand made a habit of “no.” According to Apple designer Jony Ive, Jobs would regularly ask him:How many things did you say no today?“.In an interview with Vanity Fair, he explained that the reason behind this practice is that the focus should become the guide when making decisions.”Focus means saying no to something that you think is a great idea.. And you wake up thinking about it, but you say no because you’re focused on something else.”

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After all, time affects everyone equally. For everyone there is 24 hours, 7 days a week and so on. No matter how rich or successful you are, Time will always be a limitation of the amount of activities to be done. So saying “no” increases time. The key is not to consider it a missed opportunity but to remove distractions.

Warren Buffett’s advice

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are two other examples of successful people who have been able to bring this word into their daily routine in order to get a magnifying glass of what really matters. In fact, the Microsoft founder picked up this habit from a tip from the “oracle of Omaha”.

“There will always be an infinite number of opportunities, things to do, reasons to care, and more and more. Knowing when and how to say no to projects, social invitations, and other requests sets you free. To focus on important goals,” Buffett told Gates.

The most important point is setting priorities. According to Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, Don’t make lists of things to do, but of things to stop doing. Here’s a list of the things successful people say “no” often.

  1. The things that don’t excite you
  2. Surface communication events. Successful people build relationships
  3. Spending time with negative people
  4. Desires or preferences of others
  5. Do all the work. They delegate.