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Walmart is refunding customers who cheated on their gift cards

Walmart is refunding customers who cheated on their gift cards

Walmart has announced that it is now refunding some customers who were scammed with gift cards.

The US retail chain has revealed it will pay $4 million in refunds to affected customers. So, if you are one of these people, hurry up and visit the nearest store to claim the relevant earnings.

Experiences in recent years have unfortunately seen these types of gift card scams become more common. In fact, an alarm was created among Americans in this regard. In this crime, the protagonists include large and important store chains such as Walmart, Apple and Amazon.

Method of action

The modus operandi in these types of scams is similar. For example, they pose as a customer service representative or even a local government official.

Next, people are asked to purchase gift cards from a specific store and then asked to submit a barcode and pin number. Scammers use a very common excuse: They ask you for information to check if your gift card has a balance.

Another “justification” for stealing from you is that they need your card number so that you can urgently resolve the availability of a particular service. In this case, Walmart has received many complaints from its customers who have reported that they were victims of scams.

The retail chain is now implementing new technology to protect its consumers and prevent them from falling into the hands of fraudsters.

Since 2018, Walmart has refunded more than $4 million to customers affected by such scams in the US.

Definitely if you are one of them Communication By Immediately call (888) 537-5503. This is a direct line from Walmart in the US. Likewise, you can file your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

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