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Venezuela condemns Guyana’s green flag to US Southern Command to operate in Essequibo

Venezuela condemns Guyana’s green flag to US Southern Command to operate in Essequibo

(CNN Spanish) — The government of President Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela condemned recent statements by his Guyanese counterpart, Mohamed Irfan Ali, this Wednesday, warning that he had “irresponsibly” given the green light to the presence of the US Southern Command in the disputed territory of Guyana. Essequiba.

By his statement

“The Cooperative Republic of Guyana is recklessly attacking international law, taking steps to aggravate the territorial dispute and adding to the illegal conduct of granting ExxonMobil oil exploitation rights in the pending maritime boundary with Venezuela,” the text said.

The Venezuelan President announced on Tuesday the issuance of exploration and exploitation licenses for gas, oil and mines, and the creation of a special department of “PDVSA-Essequibo” to immediately begin the work of issuing operating licenses for crude oil and gas exploitation. In disputed territory.

In a statement issued this Wednesday, Guyana’s President addressed the nation regarding Venezuela’s “illegal claim to Guyana’s Essequibo region”, saying the Guyana Defense Force is on high alert and has pledged with their military counterparts, including the US Southern Command. .

The Guyanese leader also warned that he plans to take the matter to the United Nations Security Council on Thursday, “for that body to take appropriate measures”.

“By violating the court, Venezuela has rejected international law, the rule of law in general, basic justice and morality, and the preservation of international peace and security. They have in fact declared themselves an illegal state,” the president noted.

The International Court of Justice – tasked with deciding on the allocation of the disputed territory – ordered Venezuela in early December not to take steps that could exacerbate the dispute over Essequibo.

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Osmari Hernandez contributed to this report.